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Resources for parents
Volunteer Requirements

Mountain View School District Volunteer Requirements are designed to increase security and safety on our campuses.


MVSD Volunteer Handbook

MVSD Volunteer Letter

MVSD Volunteer FAQs

We heart volunteers

Renaissance Home Connect

Home Connect

Click on the picture or here for Renaissance Home Connect

Think Central Online

Think Central logo

Click here to login for "Journeys" K-5

"Go Math" grade 6

Please make sure the correct school site is listed.

Connect Ed Online

Connect Ed logo

Click here to log in for "My Math" grades K-5.

Your computer must be logged out of any personal Google or Gmail account in order to access ConnectEd for MVSD. Students must log in with their school Google account information.

Parent Resources

Welcome Parents
Welcome to Mountain View School District, we are committed to making our students and parents feel connected to their school and our district. Thank you for your support and commitment to your child's success in our district. Here you will find information for current and future parents alike. Please come back as we will be adding more tools, resources and communication pieces to effectively keep you informed.
Parent Involvement at Mountain View School District

The Mountain View School District is proud of the high level of parent involvement and support of our educational programs and activities. The following report highlights some of the ways parents contribute to the education of students and help the district achieve its mission of providing a quality education for all. Thank you to all parents for their support, collaboration and participation in our educational programs. Your contributions are immeasurable in the life of a child.

Parent Involvement Report 2017-18

Parental Involvement

Library Services

Library servicesAll School Libraries (Mountain View School District Follett Destiny)


MVSD Library Fee Policy Regarding Missing and Damaged Books

MVSD Library Fee Policy (Spanish)



Next Generation Science Standards

NGSS logo
Many states have adopted new standards based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) because they understand that a robust science education in school will pave the way for increased opportunities in college and future careers. The NGSS enable teachers to offer all students interactive instruction that promotes analysis and interpretation of data, critical thinking, problem solving, and connections across science disciplines - with a high set of expectations for achievement in all grade levels.

Click on the grade span below to learn more about how to prepare your student for a lifetime of success and understand the new science standards.

Grades K-2 NGSS Parent Guide - English

Grades K-2 NGSS Parent Guide - Spanish


Grades 3-5 NGSS Parent Guide - English

Grades 3-5 NGSS Parent Guide - Spanish


Grades 6-8 NGSS Parent Guide - English

Grades 6-8 NGSS Parent Guide - Spanish

California PTA

CA State PTA
PTA is the nation's oldest, largest and highest profile volunteer organization working on behalf of public school, children and families.  PTA volunteers work in their schools and communities to improve the education, health and welfare of all children and youth.

For more information about the California PTA, please visit their website at:

California State PTA

For information about our local Fifth District PTA, please visit their website at:

Fifth District PTA

YMCA Offers Child Care

YMCAThe YMCA offers child care to parents of Mountain View School District.  The program is held at Mountain View Elementary School. Below is a link to the YMCA flyer describing the program and associated costs to participate.

YMCA Child Care Information 2016


Bullying is a form of violence. It can be physical, verbal, psychological, or sexual. Here are some examples of bullying:

  • Physical: hitting, kicking, spitting, pushing
  • Verbal: teasing, threatening, name-calling
  • Psychological: excluding someone, spreading rumors, intimidating
  • Sexual: touching, assault, exhibitionism, and many of the actions listed above

Bullying may also occur through the Internet or other forms of technology. This is known as cyberbullying. It is sending or posting hurtful material.

Bullying is common, but it should not be viewed as a normal part of growing up. It is more damaging to children than previously thought. Bullying has a negative effect on a student’s ability to learn.

Schools are responsible for creating safe environments for all students. They must work to prevent bullying, and they must respond to it when it happens.

The California Department of Education offers information and resources for parents, administrators, and students about bullying.

CDE Bullying Prevention

Community Resources for Parents

Community Resources
Mountain View School District is proud to be a partner with several community agencies that are designed to help others.  Below are links to community agencies that are available to families.